Vladamere Rivet (Adult)

Tall but unimposing physically, Vladamere's strength lies in his intellect.


Vladamere always refers himself as such, however he does not correct the party if they still call him Adam.

Still tall and somewhat lanky, for the most part he has grown into his height and features. His hair is dark and his eyes look older than the rest of him, as though he has seen more things than a man his age should… or has read more old dusty tomes than is healthy… probably both. His neutral expression is still one of concern. Not necessarily the look of someone who is worried, but more the appearance that he is always doing math in his head.

When he finds something warm or amusing he is just as likely to smile or laugh as everyone else, his smile just fades faster than most. He currently has two basic outfits; a set of reasonably nice clothes that make him look like a modest traveling scholar and his temple robe that he had back in school (but has been well cared for). The robe seems more functional than religious recently, as he wears it in the morning to keep the morning chill away, and uses it as a his pillow over night.

He still stands as much as possible, but it fits in nicely with his ‘deep pondering’ appearance. When the group first reconvened he mostly kept to himself and was usually very quiet unless approached, recently however, he has been extremely vocal and confident. He has taken the lead and organizes a meeting every day at lunch time where the group all comes together to share thoughts/information/plans. Most days, there isnt much to discuss and it probably seems a little pointless to some of the party, but it does seem to help everyone get along a little bit better.

Vladamere Rivet (Adult)

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