Character Questionnaire

Also known as (nicknames):
Place of birth:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Hair Style:
Distinguishing marks:
Father’s name:
Father’s current status: [ ] living [ ] deceased
Mother’s name:
Mother’s current status: [ ] living [ ] deceased
Degree of religious practice:

Brief description of home:
Other occupants of current home:
Current occupation:
Marital status/Children:
Criminal record:

General Demeanor:

Where does the character live?
Where would he/she prefer to live?
D├ęcor of personal space controlled by this character:
Carefully planned? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Expensive? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Neat? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Clean? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Comfortable? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Cluttered? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Basic overall style/impression
Would he/she like a pet? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If yes, what?

Waking up
What time does he/she wake up?
What wakes him/her up?
Is he/she cheerful in the morning? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Does he/she eat breakfast? What?

Is this a big deal, consuming time and thought? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Who does he/she eat with?
What does it typically consist of?
Does he/she enjoy the meal? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Why or why not?

What does your character do on a typical evening?
With whom?
How much does he/she enjoy it?
What would he/she prefer to be doing instead?
Why doesn’t he/she do that?
Is the evening atmosphere pleasant, calm, tense, frenetic, wary, fun, productive, other?

Does he/she usually go to bed at a consistent time? [ ] Yes [ ] No
What time?
With whom?
When does bedtime occur at a different time?
Does he/she usually fall asleep right away? [ ] Yes [ ] No
If no, what is he doing in the meantime-?
How much does he/she enjoy this activity?
Does he/she dream a lot, little or never?
Are most of his/her dreams scary, pleasant, sexual, etc.?
Is any one dream recurrent? [ ] Yes [ ] No

How does the character get along with others?

What is his/her earliest memory?

What is his/her stated dream in life?

What does he/she really long for underneath?

What event is he/she most afraid might happen?

Who does he/she, in his/her deepest soul, really love best in the whole world?

What would he/she be willing to die for, if anything?

What does he/she believe about the Gods?

About the purpose of life?

About an afterlife?

What does he/she actively work to gain or keep or protect—not merely say is important, but actually invest time and emotion in—money, fame, family, love, country, revenge, etc.?

How would he/she describe himself/herself, if totally honest?

Character Questionnaire

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