Helena’s daily clothes always appear well-made and in good repair, even when not in this year’s fashion. She does wear light make-up, and her long, dark hair is brushed and typically braided.
Her temple clothes are simple robes. She wears a necklace with the symbol of Imenset, and two bracelets; one shows Chiara’s symbol, the other shows the symbol of Jules and Jasper (?).
She tends to sway slightly when she walks, reminiscent of dancing.

As an adult, some things have stayed the same. Her movements are still reminiscent of dancing and she still wears the same holy symbols. Her hair remains in one or two long braids. Growth does, however, cause some changes. She wears less make-up and her acolyte robes have become priestess robes, durable enough to be considered the travel set. She wears boots and a backpack that look fairly new. Her voice has deepened and smoothed….she sounds and acts more like the confident adult she tried to be as a teen.


For those that have been at the school a while, Helena is not one of the popular kids but does tend to move through different social groups easily. This is generally due to her gently checking in on people. She works at a temple most nights during the school year. She has also worked at a tavern close to the school during the summer. She occasionally will go there after dinner on nights she’s not working during the school year.


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