Carwyn has brown (mahogany) hair, cut short. She also has a scar along her left jaw. Her clothes are clean and well-kept, but more suited to walking through woodlands than city streets.
Her carriage is upright, occasionally with almost military stiffness.
She tends to be constantly aware of her surroundings, scanning them as she walks. When passing plants, she will tap or finger a small pouch, and seems to mutter under her breath.

She carries a bow, a swords and a few throwing daggers visibly. Her backpack and gear in general look well-worn, but kept in good condition. Her herbal pouch is larger now and holds a full kit. She no longer taps against it so regularly, but she will occasionally stride/job ahead and to the side in order to grab a plant, though she seems to pause to consider the surrounding plants. (Those familiar with ethical wild-harvest will recognize the count/check.) She continues to keep watch of the surroundings, but a certain bounce occasionally enters her step as if she is considering bounding into a nearby tree.



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