Adam (Child)

Adam is the kid who is always terrified of getting into trouble.


Tall and lanky, he is the type of kid adults look at and just hope they grow up to fit into their goofy appearance. His light brown hair is quickly darkening in his teen years, and he looks like his bones grew faster than the rest of his body and there is not enough muscle to cover them all.


Adam as we see him.

Adam is the kid that everyone wants as their book report partner, but no one wants on their dodge ball team. He’s attentive, courteous, bright, and eager to learn. However he probably couldn’t push his way out of a wet paper bag.

Being the oldest, a lot of the time Adam feels like he has two dynamics in the group. Sometimes he feels he is the unspoken ‘leader’, and sometimes he feels like he is the unspoken ‘babysitter’. While he is good natured, and he genuinely enjoys having fun with his new found friends, the description ‘severe’ still fits him aptly. Even when playing, he is attentive and quick to shy away from anything that he feels might ‘get us in trouble’. He almost never lets fear show, though it is very close to the surface when he is afraid he will be disciplined.

EXCEPTIONS: However, when he is at Temple, he is almost a different person. He behaves a lot more as you would expect a normal, lanky, goofy looking teenage boy would act. Also recently (in Magic Class only), his military school persona seems to be melting away in the face of new found confidence and eagerness.


Adam behaves as though he is in military school. His posture is impeccable. He never talks out of turn, or acts up in class. He addresses all the ‘grown-ups’ as Sir or Ma’am. When in trouble (or feels that he is) he will stand at attention with the ‘1000 yard stare’ while being addressed.

An observant adult might notice that he stands any and all the time that it seems he can get away with it being even slightly socially acceptable. When he does sit down, as for a meal, or during class time, he always sits (with perfect posture) on the very front edge of his seat.

Adam (Child)

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