Into the Cave

The group made their way toward the cave that is kept by the Antlerkin after getting back on the road. Jovin and Carwyn took Adam’s unconscious and poisoned body to Greylyn’s farm for healing, greeted by the old woman and her three sons. While they worked on sparing Adam’s life the others made their way to the cave and settled into a well preserved hideaway, though it became clear from their searches that the place was not undisturbed. Several sets of thick booted prints implied a military presence in the woods some time ago.

Adam’s wounds and the poison filling his body were terrible, but they did not prove fatal. Greylyn was able to revive him and soon he was eating and joining the group weakly.

After a night in the cave, the group made their way to Farmeet, intending to resupply and get on the road within a few hours, but part of the search revealed a young woman named Jatalla who ran a magical supply store in the city. She was quite obviously pregnant and in a rough state, but it was her familiarity with several trinkets that drew attention. Adam and Helena spoke to her at length and discovered that she was carrying Jet’s child, and that she was almost ready to give birth.

At the same time, Carwym was making a “report” to Leutenant George of the town guard to get information about the King’s interest in Greylyn’s farm. Jovin and Bolladon became aware that they were being stalked, likely by an abomination of some sort. They tracked down Della Rose and took everyone into the safety of the basement of the magic shop, where they secured the place and locked it down.

And just as things looked calm, Jatalla took a turn for the worse, saying, “Something is wrong,” before losing consciousness and falling to the ground.


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