First Day at School

Adam and Helena have attended The Academy of Callasay together the last two years. They seem to get along fairly well.

DellaRosa has been working around school doing various housekeeping duties. Until just before the new school year where she is signed up for attendance.

Carwyn and Bolladon met on the long boat ride from Abarassa to Port Callasay. Bolladon was ill nearly the entire time. But he still managed to talk the poor girl’s ear off about his amazing father.

Adam is asked to help during holiday, but tutoring a young man named Jovan. He seems to mean very well, but his studies are severely lacking.

DellaRosa, Jovan and Carwyn and Bolladon are called in for First Year assembly led by Headmaster Marcus Templeton. The speeches and Academy rules are given and the rest of the school is brought in for more beginning of year presentations.

After the children are excused from the Great Hall to breakfast together, a skirmish breaks out when several of the older children begin picking on a small first year.


sullengal sullengal

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