Day One on the Road

Halfway between Callassay and Farmeet, the party comes along another combat site. The fish with the parchment in its mouth leads Jovin and Adam to scout ahead to see what Jet might have had in store.

Jovin, with the help of Tikka, finds the spot where the fish had been left. Adam finds a tree has grown too fast to keep up with the bark and looks skyward for clues. Jovin climbs the tree and sees a fire on the horizon. they go back to the crowd and head back with the warning of the fire in the sky. They carry on and as they approach the fire, Jovin breaking off into the woods alongside the road with B’dar his three legged bear.

They approach a burning waystation, with three bedraggled and soot covered men, asking if they would be able to travel along the road to Farmeet. The group senses trouble as Jovin sees four men waiting in the woods at a bit of a distance. He begins to lay snares as he makes his way back to his friends.

After the five present make their way around the smoldering building, the four men dash out from their wooded hiding spot and rush at Adam and Helena, while the three men on the porch spring to attack Carwyn, Bolladon and the still-ahorse DellaRose.


sullengal sullengal

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