Day 2: Swimmin' and Monsters

After sweating it out in the lobby by the Head Master’s office, Jet is taken to the infirmary by Mother Mena, the head school nurse. When she returns with the boy, he is in much better spirits and looks far better than after the fight. Mother Mena, however, looks like she’s been fighting off tears.

Helena hands her a handkerchief and the nurse rushes into the Head Master’s office for what seems to be an eternity. She leaves, and the children are all asked to file into the Head Master’s office en masse. Despite a terribly thorough and rather grown-up report from Carwyn, a sassy set of retorts from Della Rose and mostly terror from the rest of the children, the Head Master gives a stern warning about school fighting, insisting the children call professors in the event of bullying.

He then asks Jet to wait for them in the lobby. When he leaves the room, Headmaster Templeton explains that Jet is poor and is often bullied. He asks the six gathered to try and befriend the boy and keep an eye out for him. He then asks that they understand that he has given them a very stern warning and they are to behave themselves. He sends them on their way.

Jet, terrified he will be expelled, is shaken, but when the group assures him that his place in school is safe, he excitedly asks them if they wan tto be his friends and if they want to go to his favorite swimming spot, with a big rock and trees with swingy branches. The group agrees to meet him after school and go to the swimming hole.

  • Classes went well for most…even Jovin found a subject at which he excelled.
  • The gang met with Jet and headed out to the watering hole, narrowly missing a harrowing experience with a wild boar.
  • Jet exposed his little webbed toes and made a show of being the best swimmer there.
  • Jet flung a fish out of the water nearly as big as him…and it died midair.
  • Adam became uncomfortable and started getting the kids out of the water and moving back towards home.
  • DellaRose and Carwyn saw shadows on the far bank. They sped up the egress.
  • The group helped Jovin bring home his huge fish, and he carried it the rest of the way.
  • Adam did some research and wrote a thesis to the Headmaster, who immediately gathered those children who lived at the academy. His concern was to inform them they are not to return to that place until he gave them permission, showing them an old unused portion of the library for them to play in safely.
  • The next day at school, Jet arrived for breakfast and was let in on this “secret” place to play at the Academy.
  • During afternoon classes, a child ran through the halls screaming that there was a monster in the school. There was mild panic (except for Trinity Ardashe, the magic professor’s class) and the school was let out early.
  • The gang took after the monster leading them to the library.


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